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Retail Trade Customers and enquiries

Electronic ordering services for UK retail trade customers
Currently there is only one method you can use for placing your orders electronically with Borg. The method chosen will largely depend on the size of your business and your annual order value.

For smaller accounts we would recommend using the Whitaker TeleOrdering service.

TeleOrdering via Whitaker
To use TeleOrdering, you need to contact TeleOrdering direct:


Tel: 01252 742542
Fax: 01252 742543

If you are using TeleOrdering, you will receive an order confirmation from TeleOrdering which is sent after your order has been transmitted to us. However, this is not a confirmation that your order has been processed by us. If you require, we can provide an electronic acknowledgement that your order has been processed by us, with a confirmation of the expected delivery date(s).

The transfer of your order to Borg is done by batch continuously throughout the day and overnight. We process your order when we receive the file from TeleOrdering.

Ordering services for larger accounts
For larger accounts you can set up an account directly with Borg.

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